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Learn about existing and emerging labs

Dancing Disability Lab

The Dancing Disability Lab offers experienced and emerging disabled dance artists worldwide an immersive engagement in disability studies scholarship alongside movement exploration and choreographic inquiry.

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Autism Media Lab

The Autism Media Lab explores how autistic people navigate communication barriers in various community settings through a unique fusion of disability studies and documentary films.

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Disability and Health Ethics Lab

Disability and Health Ethics explores how communities address health, well-being, and care. The Lab advocates for shifts in health policy, practice and cultures to facilitate the full participation of disabled people in society.

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Disability and Race Lab

The Disability and Race Lab explores racism and ableism as interdependent forms of oppression. The Lab is a forum for scholars and community members to challenge conventional narratives about race and disability, centering on the histories and knowledge of disabled people of color.

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Emerging Ideas

The Labs are always growing! Learn more about our ideas for future labs.

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