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The Network

Forging and fostering connections that motivate actionable change
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Connecting UCLA with networks
of people and organizations in
Los Angeles and beyond

The Inclusion Labs are collaborative networks of faculty, students, and community members that come together to explore pressing themes around disability in society. These dynamic networks connect campus and community to promote shared understanding and ideas for action.

Each lab approaches learning with the openness to different voices and all voices that is the prerequisite to change in a democratic society.

Disability Studies Inclusion Labs Network

Scroll through the animation below to learn about how labs develop through the interactions of faculty, students, and community members.

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The Labs draw from the energy and expertise of faculty across an array of disciplines and departments, including medicine, law, the arts and humanities, as well as social sciences. The multidisciplinary nature of the university brings diverse and exciting perspectives to the study of disability and society.

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Faculty from many departments across campus come together to form the core of Disability Studies at UCLA. Their scholarship and leadership generate the seeds of ideas for Inclusion Labs. Faculty work with the Labs Implementation Team to bring the labs to fruition.

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Undergraduate and graduate students from across campus are invited into the Labs’ interactive processes as active learners, creators, facilitators, and advocates. Labs are forums for active engagement. Students in the minor, as well as across campus, can enroll in a class related to a lab, attend a public event, or become active agents in the design and implementation of new labs. Students benefit by meeting leaders in the broader community to expand their understanding and sensitivity to disability issues and open their horizons to new opportunities for internships, research, activism, and career paths.

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UCLA faculty engage with a variety of community leaders and organizations around shared areas of work, interest, and activism. As Disability Studies Inclusion Labs develop, community members serve as funders, instructors, presenters, participants, and public audiences, ensuring the work of the Labs has resonance and reach beyond campus.

Blue, yellow, and orange dots grouped together, indicating a lab.

Disability Studies Inclusion Lab

Labs emerge through the relationships and efforts of faculty, students, and community. New Inclusion Labs develop as interests and energies align, bringing momentum to pressing issues and questions related to disability. Individual labs typically explore one theme in depth, bringing together participants with a variety of perspectives and experiences.

See Labs in Action
Multiple clusters of blue, yellow, and orange dots, indicating the Inclusion Labs network.

Disability Studies Inclusion Network

The Disability Studies Inclusion Network comprises both our established Labs as well as individual students, faculty, and community members with strong ties to the UCLA Disability Studies program who are working to advance disability justice through their scholarship, work, and activism.

We invite you to join us by participating in individual labs, subscribing to our mailing list, sharing your thoughts, and helping us expand our network.

Read about our Network in Action