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Recap: UCLA Tarjan Center Lecture: Short Takes on Disability and Sexual and Reproductive Health

On May 28, 2024, a group of UCLA students gathered to give a series of virtual presentations collectively entitled “Short Takes on Disability and Sexual and Reproductive Health” as part of the UCLA Tarjan Center Lecture Series. The students were part of the Spring 2024 Disability Studies Fiat Lux seminar led by Professor Lauren Clark, a member of the Disability Studies Faculty Advisory Committee. 

The course initiates discussion and exploration about how the experience of bearing and raising disabled children or becoming a disabled parent is complicated and under supported in health care. As part of the course, students learned about resources on campus and within the community that offer opportunities to support reproductive justice for all through practice and policy. To synthesize their learning in this course, students were required to give short public presentations on salient aspects of disability and reproductive health in collaboration with the Tarjan Center.

Hannah Bowes and Marisol Mercado presented on sexual education, highlighting ableism, guardianship, and vulnerability as key concerns for people with disabilities. They proposed that politicians and school boards advocate for accessible curriculums that promote trust and inclusivity. 

Isaac Huevara and Silence Jackson covered contraception and focused on independence, transportation, and ableism as the main barriers impacting disabled individuals. The duo presented a case study to give a real world perspective, underscoring how constraints and preferences can differ between individuals.

Additional presentation topics included accessibility of health services, sexual violence, prenatal screening and testing for aneuploidy, and right to parent. To watch all presentations, visit the Youtube link.