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UCLA Disability Studies at the United Nations!

The Autism Media Lab was invited to the United Nations on April 2, 2019.  The class was presented as part of the UN’s World AutismAwareness Day.  “Assistive Technologies, Active Participation” is the theme for this year.  Neal Katz, a community teacher & self-advocate and our instructors, Judy Mark and Sjoerd Oostrick will be presenting on different panels.

Watch the meeting using this video link:

Here are some highlights from the meeting include:

  • Presentation by DJ Savarese of “DEEJ”
  • Panel featuring Neal Katz and Ryan Berman, moderated by Elaine Hall
  • Panel featuring Darlene Hanson, moderated by Elaine Hall
  • Panel featuring Judy Mark, Sjoerd Oostrik and the film about the Autism Media Lab!  This film was created by Lab instructors Sjoerd Oostrik and Jingjing Guan.