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Statement of Support for Remote Classroom Access

As educators, scholars, scientists, activists, and artists, the Faculty Advisory Committee for Disability Studies believes that all students should have equitable access to their studies and that UCLA needs to make more vigorous efforts to address factors that reduce retention rates experienced by historically marginalized student populations. While there are students who receive accommodations through the Center for Accessible Education (CAE), we recognize that there are many others who are immunocompromised, living with high-risk family members, experiencing COVID-related symptoms, or parenting, and so do not always have equitable access to CAE-related accommodations. For these and related concerns for equity and access, we support the Disabled Student Union’s (DSU) demand that in- person lectures also be live-streamed or recorded for synchronous or asynchronous participation, and that the need for in-person attendance be regarded thoughtfully, taking into account students’ access needs. The ethical issue is clear: our students have the right to protect their health and the health of their loved ones while accessing their education. Recognizing the extra demands placed on faculty during this time, we call upon UCLA’s administration to allocate resources that will enable them to meet this ethical imperative.

Disability Studies Faculty Advisory Committee

Victoria Marks, Chair (Professor, World Arts and Culture/Dance, UCLA School of Arts and Architecture)

Salih Can Açiksöz (Assistant Professor, Anthropology, UCLA College)

Juliann Anesi (Assistant Professor, Gender Studies, UCLA College)

Bruce Baker (Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Clinical Psychology, UCLA College)

Lauren Clark (Shapiro Family Endowed Chair in Developmental Disabilities, Professor, UCLA School of Nursing)

Helen Deutsch (Professor, English, UCLA College)

Raymond Knapp (Distinguished Professor, Musicology, UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music)

Rachel Lee (Professor, English, Gender Studies, Society & Genetics, UCLA College)

Benjamin Lewis (Continuing Lecturer, American Sign Language, UCLA College)

Lauren McCarthy (Associate Professor, Design| Media Arts, UCLA School of the Arts and Architecture)

Christina Palmer (Professor in Residence, Psychiatry & Biobehavioral Science. Professor-in-Residence, Human Genetics. UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine. Professor-in-Residence, Institute for Society and Genetics. UCLA College)