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UCLA launches first-ever Disability Law Journal

An image to two individuals in front of a crowd. One behind a podium and the other by the side.

Community members from across the university came together to celebrate the launch of the Disability Law Journal on April 24, 2019. The UCLA Disability Law Journal (DLJ) is the first of its kind and represents the efforts by students and faculty from the UCLA School of Law and English department to centralize scholarship on disability law nationally. The DLJ seeks to develop a discourse regarding disability law by publishing articles; editorials; and interviews of practitioners, academics, policymakers, and other members of the disability law community. The Journal also seeks to recognize the contributions to the field of disability law made by scholars before the establishment of the DLJ and republishes relevant scholarship as necessary. The ultimate mission of the DLJ is to create a repository of disability law scholarship. At the launch, Sunney Poyner, Editor-in-Chief of the DLJ, led an exciting discussion on the current state and future of disability law.

Three attendees at the UCLA Disability Law Journal launch celebration