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Illustrator Janice Chang Creates Visuals for the UCLA Disability Studies Inclusion Labs

In developing the Inclusion Labs’ new webpage, the Implementation Team worked with illustrator Janice Chang and the web development team at Kley to develop colorful and bold visuals that communicated the exploratory and collaborative nature of our work. Janice describes her work as representing “the sometimes humorous and bendy limbs of her characters as a way to engage in conversations about social and interpersonal issues.” The bodies in all of the illustrations represent a diverse community of individuals, in terms of ability, race, gender, and age. The diversity of disability is represented in how individuals interact, the range of technology and mobility devices being used, as well as subtle differences in body shapes and sizes. The illustrations celebrate connection; individuals engage with each other and their environment in ways that are curious and welcoming. All of the illustrations are brightly colored, with pinks, yellows, and blues being particularly prominent. In the background of each illustration are clouds and planets that gently move, reflecting the sense of possibility and limitlessness that the labs hope to cultivate.

The illustrations for the Inclusion Labs website are dynamic and we have developed emotion rich descriptions as alternate text for each image. Alternate text is not usually visible on webpages, but we felt it was valuable to have these descriptions accessible for all visitors. We invite you to explore all of the site’s illustrations and accompanying visual descriptions below.